EXIM Bank interactive

Code, Interactives, Mapping / Nov. 20, 2015

My congressional district maps have gotten a lot of use … this EXIM Bank interactive has two of them! But more interestingly, the maps are topped by scrubbable, linked small multiples similar to ProPublica’s Ambulances for Dialysis Patients on Rise. Unfortunately they break the small multiple rules and don’t have a consistent y-axis, but the guy paying the bills insisted. But still, it was an interesting challenge to solve and at least cools cool.

Check it out here.


Minimum wage and poverty mapping for Oxfam

Mapping / Dec. 15, 2014

Oxfam America commissioned a huge study of the impact a $10.10 federal minimum wage would have on the country both at the state and congressional district levels. They asked me to create maps for a small slice of that data. But even that small slice was a big project —there are 20 maps users can explore and 486 print-ready scorecards. Also there’s twitter handles for everyone is congress so users can tweet details about their district and @mention their representatives and senators.

This wasn’t my first congressional map rodeo, but this version added more detail for urban areas like New York, markers for larger/notable cities across the country, and a search to look up a congressional district by street address or ZIP code.

Check the project out here.

min wage 1
min wage 2
min wage 3
min wage 4

Syria chemical weapons graphics

Mapping / Sep. 13, 2013

Used Natural Earth’s raster files for the first time for the top map — their stuff is just gorgeous. And for you d3.js people: if the globe in the timeline look familiar, yes I repurposed Mike Bostock’s world tour. Page is here.


Race ratings interactive

Mapping / Sep. 3, 2013

This interactive uses the newest version of my house districts map featuring faster load, render and zoom speeds.