Brother, can you spare a dime?

Design / May. 16, 2008

I’m totally to blame for the dime thing, but I’m not at all sorry. I’m still amused by the idea of Dwight Schar’s annual compensation in dimes spanning the entire globe.

They like Ike

Design / May. 16, 2008

From the ashes

Design / Feb. 22, 2008

I have four words for you: Map in a fireball!

Fixing Dulles

Design / Feb. 22, 2008

The opening spread of this On Site story about the modernization of Dulles International Airport is a two-page infographic showing the plan for additional terminals and runways connected by the new train system. Created using Google Sketchup and Adobe Illustrator. Final touch-ups and blur added in Photoshop.

It’s a little funny how all the jetways look like caterpillar legs.

The edge of history

Design / Feb. 22, 2008

For a story that had too many “boxes” and no dominant art, I thought this spread came together nicely. the information is dense, but it keeps a very tidy and airy feel.

Capital Riverfront of tomorrow

Design / Feb. 22, 2008

Map of the Capital Riverfront EDA in Southeast Washington D.C. for Spring 2008 issue of On Site.

The neighborhood baseball built

Design / Feb. 22, 2008

Cover of the Spring 2008 issue of On Site with illustration by the fabulous Luc Latulippe.

Republic Property’s short ride

Design / Nov. 16, 2007

This story was largely a timeline aligned to the REIT’s stock performance.