Oxfam International extractive industries programs page

Interactives / Jan. 20, 2015

Oxfam wanted a way to both illustrate the scope of their international extractive industry programs and tell each individual county’s story. To that end, this single-page javascript application first gives the user a world map with the 36 program countries shaded as well as a list view with a short synopsis of that country’s efforts. Clicking either the map or the list item takes you to the county detail page with a narrative, photo and sidebar bullet-point details.

The final published project looks fairly simple, which I take as evidence of success. Major kudos to Oxfam’s Chris Hufstader and Scott Sellwood for narrowing the focus and editing down the content to just the essentials.

Map shapes came from ever-amazing Natural Earth rendered in the Robinson projection using D3 and TopoJSON. To reduce the size and complexity of the map, the custom TopoJSON includes one object with all the land shapes, and another with just the shapes of the 36 supported countries.

This project was also my first time using Aight to provide IE8 support. I didn’t both trying to come up with a map alternative for IE8 users, but the list view and the country detail pages work well.

Check the project out here.