The Iowa

Photo / May. 15, 2012


Photo / Oct. 7, 2011

1785 Massachusetts Ave.

Photo / Apr. 19, 2011

1785 Massachusetts Ave. NW is the current home of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, though they’ve been trying to sell the building for the past few years. I would love to see it return to it’s original purpose of luxury apartments, but the lack of parking and the noise of Mass Ave. probably preclude that possibility.

Old Post Office Pavilion

Photo / Apr. 4, 2011

Downtown Columbus

Photo / Feb. 12, 2011

We passed by this building on the way to lunch at Tip Top in downtown Columbus, and the brass work was so amazing that I had to stop and snap a photo. It makes me so happy to see old buildings that are properly looked after, though it’s too bad they haven’t restored that cute little clock.

Also found downtown: This awesome Mr. Peanut neon sign.

Hoover Building

Design, Photo / Nov. 16, 2007

This photo composite accompanied a short story about the possibilities of tearing down the Hoover FBI building and redeveloping the site.