Folklife fish

Photo / Jul. 3, 2011

Wooden fish decorate one of the tents in the Columbia section of this year’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Rose garden

Photo / May. 14, 2011

Why you don’t bring puppies to the salon

Photo / Apr. 21, 2011

Actually I was glad he was there — his adorable antics made waiting rather painless.

1785 Massachusetts Ave.

Photo / Apr. 19, 2011

1785 Massachusetts Ave. NW is the current home of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, though they’ve been trying to sell the building for the past few years. I would love to see it return to it’s original purpose of luxury apartments, but the lack of parking and the noise of Mass Ave. probably preclude that possibility.

A plant

Photo / Apr. 14, 2011


Photo / Apr. 13, 2011


Photo / Apr. 12, 2011

The fountain at Freedom Plaza.


Photo / Apr. 10, 2011

Freedom Plaza isn’t your typical dance venue, but it was Sunday afternoon. The music was latin in nature and similar to the tango. The young couple on the left was particularly amazing.