Joyeux Quatorze Juillet !

Other / Jul. 13, 2011

I’m apparently in a wallpaper-making mood these days, so here’s one for the francophiles out there. Tomorrow is la fête nationale, or Bastille Day as it’s known in the U.S., so head down to Paul, grab a pain au chocolat, and join in a chorus of La Marseillaise. (Click image to download the 2560×1440 version.)


Photo / May. 17, 2011

Bet you didn’t know the TGV goes all the way to Stuttgart. Well it does, which means going to Strasbough for the day is super easy. I even got to put my (puny) French skills to use, and people didn’t even look at me like I was trying to speak Klingon. Pretty sure that was less because of my improved linguistic abilities and more that the folks in Strasbough are nicer than your typical Parisian.