Never built

Design, Photo / May. 27, 2011

To illustrate the cover story about architecture/CRE projects that were planned but never executed, I mashed up a post-cival war plan for a gothic tower Memorial Bridge with a photo I took of the actual Memorial Bridge that was built in the 1920s. I was really hoping to shoot the bridge from the opposite side so you could see the Lincoln in the distance, but it was just impossible since the Virginia side is pretty heavily wooded.

Making the (green) grade

Design / Feb. 23, 2011

A quick illustration for a Green Prints column in On Site about grading commercial buildings’ greenness.

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No gain

Design / Aug. 14, 2009

Another quick photo illustration about the building industry trimming some fat.


Design, Photo / May. 15, 2009

Given On Site’s content type and shoe-string budget, we don’t do many pro (or “pro”) photo shoots, but this studio shot was easy and effective.The Business Journal photographer’s hand-me-down camera that we had to use was so resolution challenged that I had to shoot Melissa as tight as possible and fill in the background in Photoshop. Even then we only managed 275 dpi.

And while we’re doing confessions, our “studio” is actually a storage closet which is still used as a storage closet. We occasionally have CEOs and other big-wigs in the office for interviews and still or video shoots. Watching their expression as they realize they’re being led into a closet instead of the photo studio they were imagining is priceless.

On the top of the world

Design / Nov. 14, 2008

Behind the numbers

Design / Nov. 3, 2008

Hot spots

Design / Aug. 15, 2008

Cover of the Fall 2008 On Site.

Spanning history

Design / Aug. 15, 2008

This started out as a small box to accompany an architectural criticism of the new Wilson Bridge., but another story fell through and we had some space to burn, so we initially decided to go shoot photos of the other D.C. bridges. Then I thought it would be much nicer and more “architectural” to have Luc Latulippe draw them elevation style. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out.