Photo / Oct. 12, 2011

Never built

Design, Photo / May. 27, 2011

To illustrate the cover story about architecture/CRE projects that were planned but never executed, I mashed up a post-cival war plan for a gothic tower Memorial Bridge with a photo I took of the actual Memorial Bridge that was built in the 1920s. I was really hoping to shoot the bridge from the opposite side so you could see the Lincoln in the distance, but it was just impossible since the Virginia side is pretty heavily wooded.


Photo / May. 17, 2011

Bet you didn’t know the TGV goes all the way to Stuttgart. Well it does, which means going to Strasbough for the day is super easy. I even got to put my (puny) French skills to use, and people didn’t even look at me like I was trying to speak Klingon. Pretty sure that was less because of my improved linguistic abilities and more that the folks in Strasbough are nicer than your typical Parisian.

Tübingen part 2

Photo / May. 13, 2011

Carmen Sandiego is still MIA, but we found her coat.

There were lots of people renting these boats. One group even had a little hibachi which seems, um, less than safe for a wooden boat.


Photo / Apr. 30, 2011

I got up super early to shoot some photos of the Memorial Bridge for an On Site project, but the weather and light didn’t cooperate like I had hoped. Did get this shot of the sunrise with some seriously funky clouds …

… and this close up of one of the Arts of War statues. I think this one is Valor (but don’t quote me on that.)