Things on Pennsylvania Ave.

Photo / Jun. 16, 2011

Civil war statue in front of the Capitol.

Detail from the Commerce Building

Statue outside the Archives.

Foot of a lantern outside the Archives.

View from the Old Post Office Pavilion.

Hohenzollern Castle

Photo / May. 15, 2011

Dupont Circle fountain

Photo / May. 4, 2011


Photo / Apr. 30, 2011

I got up super early to shoot some photos of the Memorial Bridge for an On Site project, but the weather and light didn’t cooperate like I had hoped. Did get this shot of the sunrise with some seriously funky clouds …

… and this close up of one of the Arts of War statues. I think this one is Valor (but don’t quote me on that.)

Marquis de Lafayette and pals

Photo / Apr. 10, 2011

OK, Layfayette isn’t actually in this picture since he’s on top of the pedestal. You’re looking at Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, and Louis Lebègue Duportail. Both were military leaders in the American Revolution.

Defenders of Wildlife

Photo / Mar. 2, 2011

This adorable statue in front of the Defenders of Wildlife building on 17th St. isn’t fooling me. I’ve seen movies — these things follow poor lost humans around the countryside until they’re is exhausted and then the wolves attack!