Playing in the fountain

Photo / Sep. 2, 2012

Dupont Circle

Photo / Jun. 21, 2012

Leica Akademie Available Light workshop

Photo / May. 17, 2012

These are a few of my shots from the Leica Available Light workshop in D.C. The workshop was a good experience, and I would recommend any one of them. Bottom line: Leica people are good people. Plus there’s a big pile of über expensive toys you get to try out! Snaps to the Leica Akademie US director Tom Smith and guest star Chris Anderson, founder of Momenta Workshops. Chris is an amazing guy, and the Momenta Workshop seem pretty amazing. He showed work from his students that blew us all away.

Also, if I may blaspheme a bit, the 50mm Summilux is really nice, but my Zeiss ZM 50 is so much nicer feeling in your hand and easier to focus.

Bird bath

Photo / May. 6, 2012

Dupont Circle fountain

Photo / May. 4, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick’s day

Photo / Mar. 17, 2011

In honor of the Irish holy day of binge drinking, the White House staff has turned the fountain on the Pennsylvania Ave. side green!

Rome, day 4

Photo / Sep. 19, 2010

Sunday was apparently some sort of holiday, but we never found out what the occasion was. We were almost ready to leave the hotel for the day when this little band marched into the Piazza della Rotonda. They stayed for 15 minutes or so playing what must have been the Italian equivalent of John Phillips Sousa.

We had already seen the Colosseum and Forum, but not the Palantine. Most of the hill is not all that impressive, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go.

Even though our Roma passes were still valid, apparently you can’t get the discount twice for the same sight — meaning we had to pay the full price to get back into the Palantine — which really put me in a foul mood for the first half of the day. So to feel like we got our money’s worth we went back to the Forum.

And the Colosseum

Roman’s were big graffitiers, so maybe this bit on one of the Colosseum’s support walls is appropriate. Or not.

We finished by sitting and people watching on the Campidolglio.

Some street scenes after the jump »

Rome, day 3

Photo / Sep. 18, 2010

Fountain near the Termini Station

The pizza at La Gallina Bianca (The White Chicken) was amazing.

Outside the Borghese Gallery

A statue/monument inside the Villa Borghese, which despite its name, is not a house, but a park. The umbrella pines are amazing; I wish we had them in the States.

George Washington Street!

Top of an arch in the Borghese park.

Jeff pointing the way out of the Villa Borghese park. Sadly my camera battery died short after taking this photo.